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Trademark registration in Turkey

We register trademarks in Turkey to ensure the protection of your brand name:

How to register a trademark in Turkey

How to register a trademark in Turkey, the papers required to register a trademark in Turkey are:

  1. Brand name in Turkey.
  2. Brand (brand - or logo)
  3. Activities carried out by the company such as (manufacturing production lines - selling packaging machines - selling or manufacturing food products)
  4. Photocopy of the passport.
  5. The company's commercial register.

Signature approval for companies inside Turkey

Trademark registration rights in Turkey

Registering a trademark, granting the owner the authority to use the unit trademark, and avoiding the unauthorized use of other trademarks.

Gives the right, within the scope of the trademark registration, to prevent the unauthorized use of any trademark that is likely to be misleading, with respect to similar goods, services, or the like.

Which will lead to an unfair advantage, due to the reputation of the registered trademark, or which may damage the distinctive character of the registered trademark.

A registered trademark may be transferred to another person, transferred by inheritance, subject to the right of use, pledged, or provided as security.

Documents required to apply for a trademark in Turkey

In order to protect a trademark in Turkey, the following is required:

  1. Fill out the trademark application form, through the website of the Trademark and Patent Foundation of Turkey (TPE).
  2. A copy of the trademark symbol, which will be relied upon and propagated by printing and publishing.
  3. The original copy of the document indicating the payment of the trademark application fee.
  4. Research similarity or plagiarism before applying

Research and study can be requested from the Trademark and Patent Foundation of Turkey (TPE) for a fee, or the search can be done for free through the website of the Foundation (TPE).

A registered trademark is protected for an unlimited period with the possibility of renewal every ten years.

Expiry of trademark protection period

The term of trademark protection in Turkey expires in two cases:

  1. The trademark is not renewed after 10 years of protection.
  2. If the owner abandons it.

Or if it is rescinded by the court

Trademarks we have registered

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